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Auto Dealerships

auto showroomDiamond Facility Services provides a wide spectrum of cleaning services for your Auto Dealerships needs

Managing an Auto dealership presents many challenges that are in some ways very different from other businesses. Auto dealers have to keep track of large amounts of inventory; manage the sales staff, operational and clerical staff; keeping inventory on the lot in pristine visible and mechanical condition while trying to turn a profit at the same time. While all of this is going on, the last thing an auto dealership needs to worry about is making sure they’re cleaning expectations are being regularly met. We here at Diamond Facility Services provide a comprehensive and detailed Auto dealership cleaning program with solutions to help you focus on what you do best, “selling cars”.

Ways which we can perform Auto dealership cleaning

Once you call on us for our Auto Dealership cleaning services, the first step of our process would be to sit down with you and gather important information about your needs and challenges. The second step would be to do a thorough site evaluation and inspection of your dealership. The final step would be to use the information gathered in our conversation’s and the information collected from the walk though evaluation to create a comprehensive cleaning program that will meet your needs and will exceed your expectations.

Here are a few key areas we focus on with Auto dealerships.

  • Floors – Due to the large amount of foot traffic and because vehicles tend to expose your floors to a large amount of mess. The floors of a car dealership can become extremely dirty daily. When cars are brought into the showroom from the outside they bring in a variety of debris from water, dirt, mud, rock salt and fluids that may leak out on to the floor as well. At Diamond Facility Services through our many years of experience cleaning Auto dealerships we know what it takes to keep your floors looking and feeling clean on a daily basis. We utilize only the best floor cleaning techniques, chemicals and equipment to make your floors shine.
  • Walls – Walls in most facilities become dirty and dull gradually over time without notice. Auto dealerships present an even more challenging environment due to the grease and grime from mechanics to the exhaust from the vehicles be driven in and out of the showroom. It’s our job here at Diamond Facility Services to notice these areas that others may not and we’ll clean even the toughest and hardest to reach areas.
  • Windows – Since most Auto dealerships are surrounded by floor to ceiling glass windows and doors it’s extremely important to maintain the glass surfaces for a clean and inviting appearance. Since 2001 Diamond Facility Services has been a leader in the window cleaning of Auto Dealerships in and around the Capital District area. Because of our Window cleaning experience and the expertise our window cleaners we can handle your window cleaning needs even in the coldest weather to help combat the dirt and damage that is caused by harsh environmental elements like acid rain, structure run off, wind, dirt and Automobile exhaust. All of these threats can cause the glass to appear dull, dirty and even stained.

At Diamond Facility Services, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best Auto dealership cleaning services in the Capital Region.

We have many years of experience in understanding and handling the needs of Auto dealerships. We would love nothing more than to put some of our skills to work for you.

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