Banks and Credit Unions Cleaning

Diamond Facility Services provides premium commercial janitorial services.

Banks and Credit Unions

A Security Minded Bank / Credit Union Building Cleaning Service

Banks and other financial institutions are by necessity highly secure buildings. Because they house large sums of money, they must invest in the very best, high-tech security systems, along with numerous additional security measures. Because of this, only a select few cleaning companies are able to handle financial institution cleaning needs. Here at Diamond Facility Services, not only do we have the skill and expertise to make your bank building spotless but, we also know what to look for to ensure your financial institution is absolutely secure.

Comprehensive Tri-City and surrounding areas Financial Institution Cleaning

While we make it a point to sit down with each and every one of our financial institution clients to determine their exact needs and requirements, here are some of the many ways we regularly pay close attention include:

  • Floors: Very much like other businesses, the floors in a Bank can become extremely dirty and tend to accumulate large amounts of grime built-up. Whether your facility has hard surface and/or carpet floors we have the tools and equipment to keep them thoroughly clean. We can strip and wax your hard surface floors and clean your carpets with hot water carpet extraction.
  • Walls and windows: We will clean off all dirt, grime and fingerprints from all walls and windows leaving your building looking and smelling fresh and clean all around.
  • Dusting: Although banks and financial institutions are pinnacles of security, the one thing they are unable to keep out is dust. We know where to look for dust, how to keep it out and we don’t stop until it’s all cleaned up. Our comprehensive approach yields cleaner surfaces, better air quality, happier and healthier workers.
  • Desks and horizontal surface areas: Typically financial institutions have large lengths of counter space, numerous desks and a number telephones. After cleaning off all the dust and build-up, we wipe off every visible area with an environmentally friendly disinfecting solution that kills germs and bacteria while freshening the air without producing harsh fumes and harmful chemicals.

We commit to working closely with all of our financial institution clients, we pride ourselves on keeping open lines of communications with all of our customers that we work with. We take the security of your building very seriously and we always provide the utmost level of care when preforming our bank building cleaning services. When you want a cleaning company that cares about the appearance and security of your bank /financial institution as much as you do, you want Diamond Facility Services.

Diamond Facility Services provides qualified staff, all of which meet background requirements needed to work in secured sites.

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