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Managing your Educational Facility and School cleaning needs

Schools quite frequently present an especially tough challenge to keep clean. Students roam around halls on a near constant basis, scuffing and streaking up the floors, leaving finger prints on the walls and glass and leaving bits of paper and other refuse lying around. With so much emphasis placed on learning it can be somewhat overwhelming to try and keep up with the trail that many students leave behind. That’s where we come into the picture. We take a great deal of pride in helping learning institutions and educational facilities clean thus providing students and faculty with a clean and healthy learning environment.

The countless benefits of a quality educational facility cleaning service

We at Diamond Facility Services are always available for all of your school cleaning projects whether your need us on a regular basis or even a single time. We can create a regular cleaning plan that will meet your needs or we are available to provide after school event clean-ups (Such as Auditorium clean-ups, Gym clean-ups, Prom cleanings or after a Pep-Rally).

There are many benefits to retaining a quality school cleaning service on a regular basis, a few of which are listed below.

  • Students learn better – It’s a proven fact that education results rise when students are able to learn in a cleaner environment that is free dirty and distracting clutter.
  • Staff morale is higher – As in most industries, the cleaner and brighter the environment, the happier and healthier those within it will be. Because teachers and other faculty spend most of their time within those walls it helps if those walls are clea
  • Students are safer – The cleaner the environment, the less of a chance a students will suffer accidents due to unsafe or dirty floors or any other factor.

When we here at DFS are hired for our school cleaning services either on a regular basis or only a single time, we take that responsibility very seriously. We pay special attention to the most venerable areas, including the floors, walls, door glass and restrooms and we use only the very best equipment and tools available to clean and polish everything.

We are one of the few cleaning companies in the Albany and he surrounding Tri-City areas with a strong commitment to the use of green cleaning and primarily use environmentally friendly equipment, solutions and products, providing students and faculty with an atmosphere free of harsh chemicals and harmful residues.

Diamond Facility Services has a long history of working in schools of all types. From elementary to middle/high school and colleges and universities. We serve both the private and public sector.

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