Medical Facilities Cleaning

Diamond Facility Services provides premium commercial janitorial services.

Medical Facilities Cleaning

Professional Doctors Office Cleaning Provided by Diamond Facility Services

health care facilityWith the onslaught of fluids and airborne spreading viruses and bacteria requires healthcare facilities to focus on exceptional hygiene and sterilization of exam rooms, laboratories, restrooms, common areas and waiting areas. In order to protect your staff and your patients, professional doctor’s office cleaning in the Albany and surrounding areas is essential. With over 15 years’ experience helping Health care facilities maintain a safe and healthy environment, Diamond Facility Services offers customized cleaning program to fit every need and budget.

Best Suited Practices for Doctor’s office cleaning in Albany and Surrounding Areas

Our customers rely on us to clean their Healthcare facilities, regardless of size and type of healthcare they provide. Listed below are some of the healthcare industry members we serve:

  • Hospice centers Doctors’ offices 
  • Dental practices 
  • Long-term care facilities 
  • Adult Daycare centers 
  • Plastic surgery centers 
  • Surgical centers
  • Emergency clinics 
  • Off-site laboratories centers 
  • Physical therapy centers 
  • Massage therapists 
  • Chiropractors

Our Healthcare facility janitorial service team undergoes continuous training to ensure that they employ the latest best practice guidelines for Healthcare organizations.

Outbreaks of infectious Diseases

Your patients deserve the best possible care available. An essential part of the patient experience is a clean sanitary environment for the exams, evaluations, diagnosis. Our professional crews are focused medical office cleaners, providing your patients piece of mind and a healthy environment while in your medical practice. Healthcare facility janitorial services require efficiency, an attention to detail and thoroughness. In addition to keeping your patients from spreading viruses, bacteria and illness from patient to patient is vital that you protect your medical staff from infection.

Healthcare Facility Services

As all of our clients are on a customized program designed to ensure they have the level of medical office cleaning they need, below is just a snap shot of what our customized cleaning could include.

  • Daily thorough cleaning and disinfecting of common areas 
  • Daily thorough cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization of patient restrooms and staff-only areas 
  • Daily thorough cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of exam rooms 
  • Deep cleaning of carpets, tiles and grout, and hard surface floors 
  • Emergency cleanup

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