Places of Worship

Diamond Facility Services provides premium commercial janitorial services.

Places of Worship

places of worshipChurch Cleaning Requires A Flexible, Dedicated Crew

Church cleaning in Albany and surrounding areas requires a professional cleaning crew dedicated to keeping your place of worship spotless. At Diamond Facility Services, we understand the special challenges your facility faces. Unlike a business, churches have unique operating hours and cleaning requirements. Janitorial services for places of worship must be staffed by teams able to at the times you need. Our professional cleaning crews are available 7 days a week. We know that each of our customers have unique and specialized cleaning needs which is why we believe in customized cleaning programs. Synagogue cleaning in Albany is available after services, in the morning or evening and on weekends.

Cleaning Multi-Function Rooms

Places of worship today often have a variety of multi-function rooms that need care. Small group meeting rooms, the worship room, the offices, the kitchen, the restrooms and the common areas. Typically, they have different cleaning and upkeep needs. Through our customized cleaning program, Diamond Facility Services can implement an effective cleaning strategy to keep all of the rooms of your facility spotless.

  • Carpet care and hard surface floor care
  • Trash removal 
  • Restroom cleaning 
  • Dusting of office equipment and desks
  • Window and door washing
  • Special event cleaning
  • Emergency cleanup

When your congregation area does double duty for a variety of functions, Diamond Facility Services can help. For example, a Saturday evening teen event may require more than just a typical cleaning before services the next morning. We understand the unique challenges of church cleaning and stand ready to assist however you require. Perhaps your place of worship has rotating programs, and you only need a few of the rooms cleaned weekly, and the other areas cleaned monthly. That scenario is fine with us. We are flexible to your needs and work to meet your budget requirements.

Nontoxic Cleaning Solutions

Synagogue cleaning is essential to the health and wellbeing of your staff, and your parishioners. Diamond Facility Services uses is the finest green cleaning solutions coupled with advanced cleaning systems to clean places of worship throughout the greater Albany area. Green cleaning products effectively clean your areas, without the harmful chemicals fumes of traditional cleaners. This is particularly important we feel for cleaning places of worship because of the high percentage of children and elderly with your walls. Harmful VOC’s emitted from traditional cleaning products can irritate lungs causing respiratory distress. In addition to being dedicated to our customers, we are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our cleaning crews. By using green products to clean our clients’ properties, we reduce the risk to our employees.

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