Green Cleaning - Eco Friendly

Diamond Facility Services provides premium commercial janitorial services.

ECO-friendly Methods and Equipment

Some of our basic ECO-Friendly methods include:

  • Focus on entryways inside and out. An important goal in cleaning green is to remove dirt and pollutants before they enter the building and to frequently clean the entrances and entryway mats.
  • Minimize particles and chemicals in the air by mechanically capturing dust and dirt, using course spray for chemicals and applying the cleaner to the cloth rather than spraying the surface to be cleaned.
  • Use chemical management systems for accurate product dilution. We train our employees to use chemicals properly to minimize waste and maximize cleaning efficiency, an important element of cleaning green.
  • Empty vacuum bags at the end of shifts or when half full for cleaner and more efficient operating.
  • Ensure proper vacuuming, extraction, rinsing and drying. Carpets can be a host for moisture problems and mold growth. Green cleaning means minimizing these problems.
  • Focus on preventative measures. Our janitorial staff washes their hands and keeps equipment clean and well maintained.
  • Focus on touch-points. These are door handles, bright work and other areas where people come in contact with the facility or it’s fixtures, focusing here makes cleaning green easier.
  • Apply disinfectant in restrooms properly and make sure the chemical has proper dwell time so that soil is thoroughly removed using less product.
  • Promote safety and prevent cross-contamination. Safer products and proper use and storage of chemicals help create a safer environment. Color-coded tools ensure that pollutants don’t get carried from one are (such as a restroom) to another.


Some of our basic ECO-friendly equipment includes:

  • ec-H20
  • ec-H20 Electrically converted Water Technology

We use ec-H20 cleaning equipment that provides chemical performance with earth-friendly results. Scrubbers equipped with chemical free ec-H20 technology convert water into a powerful cleaning solution.


Environmentally superior, socially responsible

  • Eliminate the environmental impact of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals.
  • Ec-H20 begins as water and ends as water
  • Scrubbers equipped with ec-H20 technology use 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods.

Cleaning has never been safer

  • Eliminate health issues associated with harsh cleaning chemicals, no touching, breathing, splashing, or disposing of chemicals.
  • Reduce slip/fall accidents.
  • Ec-H20 electrically converted water technology is the first detergent free scrubbing system to achieve NFSI High-Traction Certification.
  • Ec-H20 is safe to touch.
  • Registered by NSF International as safe for use in food and beverage handling environments.

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